Feeling inadequate as a woman?

From inadequate to goddess as a woman

Would you like to stop feeling inadequate as a woman and start feeling like a Goddess instead? Then today's Erika Awakening exclusive EFT tapping video is for you. It's time to reprogram your subconscious mind to let go of insecurities and self-doubt. It's time to step into your birthright of ...

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Free EFT Tapping YouTube Video for Releasing Anger | Erika Awakening

Release anger

Releasing Anger with EFT Tapping: Free Emotional Freedom Technique YouTube Video from Erika Awakening As many of you know, I am excited to release three new 30-Day Challenges this month, the first of which is the 30-Day Anger Cleansing Challenge. Now you can watch the first video of ...

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Resurrecting Hopeless Relationships: Yes, It Is Possible with EFT Tapping Videos

hopeless relationships restored

Are there some relationships in your life that you believe are hopeless? Nothing will ever work to heal them and you have completely given up? Let's try EFT Tapping Videos One of many results I have achieved with Holistic Belief Reprogramming is the resurrection and restoration of ...

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What’s in your way? The top 3 blocks to your success and ending self-sabotage

Ending Self-Sabotage: Anger, Worthiness, Guilt, Self-Punishment

Ending Self-Sabotage with EFT Tapping Therapy and Holistic Belief Reprogramming If you are really honest with yourself right now ... Are there some areas of your life - whether it be money, business, sex, relationships, health, losing weight, achieving fitness, or anything else - where you consistently sabotage your results? Self-Sabotage ...

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Losing Weight with EFT Tapping and Holistic Belief Reprogramming

Weight Loss with EFT Tapping

Hi, this post has moved ... Yes I want to learn about EFT Tapping for Weight Loss

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EFT Tapping Therapy Videos: Broken Heart Relief and Power to Heal Your Body

power to heal your body

EFT Tapping Therapy for Broken Heart, Plus Healing Your Body If your heart is aching, you will love today's first Gold membership EFT tapping video. This heartache may be about something specific, or it could just be a non-specific aching in your heart chakra that many of us experience periodically ...

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EFT Tapping Videos for Fears About Having Children

Fears about children

Address Fears About Having Children with EFT Tapping Therapy Videos from Erika Awakening After checking in with our Gold members, I have decided today to release some EFT tapping videos to clear fears related to having children. These EFT tapping videos can be applied to many issues, however, including creative ...

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EFT Tapping Videos for Not Feeling Social, Seeing the Other Perspective, Getting Community Support

Not feeling social

Hi, and welcome back to our returning TAPsmarter.com Gold Club members. If you are not yet a member of our powerful EFT tapping with Erika Awakening video club ... click here to get instant access to powerful Emotional Freedom Technique videos. We took a bit of a break ...

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