Making an “election” – Tapping for the Apocalypse

Tapping for the Apocalypse

getting justice from a kangaroo court

Getting justice from a kangaroo court

Harvey the Cat is having a setback these past couple of weeks. Perhaps it was the intensity of the American “election” energy. I don’t want to delay the release of these videos – Tapping for the Apocalypse. These were recorded in the week or so prior to the election. On the day of the election, I felt warm gushy energy of a major shift.

Now it’s a bit back to fear. And that’s how it goes. We clear a big layer, and then another layer arises to the surface to be cleared.

I will fill in more details here when I am feeling less freaked out about Harvey. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

1. Introduction

2. Apocalyse 2

3. Apocalyse 3

4. Apocalyse 4

5. Apocalyse 5

6. Apocalyse 6

7. Apocalyse 7

8. Apocalyse 8

9. Apocalyse 9

10. Apocalyse 10

11. Apocalyse 11

12. Apocalyse 12


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