15 Ways the Feelings You’ve Been Avoiding Are Ruining Your Life … And How to Fix It

15 Ways the Feelings You’ve Been Avoiding Are Ruining Your Life … And How to Fix It

conflict avoidance and avoidance of feelings

When we avoid our feelings, we may experience clutter, physical pain, resistance, procrastination, clogged drains, and a host of other problems … the solution … dredge up those feelings and release them !!

Hey everyone,

So as I explain in these new videos, I’ve been feeling quite a bit of resistance to finishing Gold videos due to the association with Harvey the Cat’s passing :( .. I was a little out of integrity and owed you two videos from February. So in this set, I’m doing 15 videos (4 for each month March, April, May plus 2 for February and a bonus video).

Right now I want to get the videos up as quickly as possible and then circle back and add more explanation.

I expect our Gold membership rates to be going up again shortly – but if you buy now and keep your membership current … or if you are an active Gold member and keep your membership active … then your “old” rate is grandfathered in as long as you keep the membership active.

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1. Feelings 1 – Introduction and Emotional Eating

2. Feelings 2 – Passive Aggressive Behavior As Avoidance of Feelings

3. Feelings 3 – More on Passive Aggressive and Emotional Eating

4. Feelings 4 – Procrastination As Avoidance of Feelings

5. Feelings 5 – Autism and Emotional Disconnection

6. Feelings 6 – Using Enemy Images to Avoid Feelings

7. Feelings 7 – Using Over-Communication to Avoid Feelings

8. Feelings 8 – Using Physical Pain to Avoid Feelings

9. Feelings 9 – Dredging Up That Repressed Grief

10. Feelings 10 – Clearing Clutter by Addressing Feelings

11. Feelings 11 – Healing A Major Trauma

12. Feelings 12 – Clearing Resistance By Addressing Feelings

13. Feelings 13 – Releasing Stuckness Caused by Avoidance of Feelings

14. Feelings 14 – Clearing Disappointment (Bait and Switch)

15. Feelings 15 – That’s It for Now … Maybe More Videos Soon?


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