Releasing Avoidance, Resistance, and Procrastination to Restore Flow

Releasing Unconscious Emotions That Create Avoidance, Resistance, and Procrastination

conflict avoidance and avoidance of feelings

When we avoid our feelings, we may experience clutter, physical pain, resistance, procrastination, clogged drains, and a host of other problems … the solution … dredge up those feelings and release them !!

If you’ve been feeling high levels of resistance, stagnation, avoidance, and procrastination … you are not alone. It seems to be going around lately, some kind of Universal current that we are all riding.

This set of Gold videos continues the emotional work we did in the last set … because when avoidance and procrastination and cropping up, we can be sure what is really happening is stagnation of unresolved feelings.

Yes, it can get frustrating to realize how many layers of unresolved emotions there really are … aren’t we done with this emotional work already?

Yet when we realize that the world around us is nothing more than a projection of the contents of our unconscious mind … it’s easy to see that we all have quite a lot of emotional work to do!

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1. Avoidance 1 – Introduction and Miscellaneous Clearing

2. Avoidance 2 – Clearing Inner Conflicts

3. Avoidance 3 – Breaking Free From Procrastination

4. Avoidance 4 – Releasing Fear

5. Avoidance 5 – Overcoming Strong Resistance

6. Avoidance 6 – Clearing Fear

7. Avoidance 7 – Addressing Stagnant Sales and Money

8. Avoidance 8 – Releasing More Grief

9. Avoidance 9 – Releasing More Resistance

10. Avoidance 10 – Noticing Synchronicity

11. Avoidance 11 – Clearing Anger

12. Avoidance 12 – Addressing the Male Ego


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