Releasing Our Fear of Intimacy – the Prelude: Gold Videos for May and June 2016

Powerful Videos for Releasing Deep Fear of Intimacy (Already Had Substantial Results)

fear of intimacy

Ah the wonderful connections we can experience when we release our fear of intimacy

It is time to go big and bold with our EFT Tapping and Holistic Belief Reprogramming. It is time to address that deep, ego-based fear lurking behind everything else for the past few years: Fear of Intimacy

Today’s videos are very real and raw. At times, because I wanted to tap while the energy was most alive and “hot,” I rolled out of bed and started recording with no makeup, without brushing my hair, without cosmetic preparation of any kind.

This is scary for me, because I like many people, have a fear that people cannot love and accept me the way I am. I have to perform. I have to look good.

And all this is in the way of real intimacy. Fear of intimacy includes having to make elaborate preparations for anyone to see us, because we don’t feel good enough exactly the way we are.

And so here you see me at my authentic, vulnerable, unvarnished worst … or best … as it’s all in the eye of the beholder, no? How much can we accept others as they are? The answer to that question depends a lot on how much we can accept ourselves fully and unconditionally.

The topics for our May and June Gold Membership videos are all related, directly or indirectly, to clearing fear of intimacy:

1. Approaching Intimacy by Clearing Lots of Stuck Energy

2. Fear of Intimacy and Abundance Issues

3. Balancing Intimacy with Work and Making A Living

4. Clearing Frustration and Obstacles Related to Fear of Intimacy

5. Releasing Financial Frustration In Relation to Intimacy

6. Addressing the Problem of Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Partners

7. Feeling Sick (Ego Resistance to Intimacy)

8. Dealing with An Intimacy Hangover (Likely Also Ego Resistance)

As we have talked about many times, all of the videos are metaphorical. So even if it appears not to be “your issue” … I guarantee if you just let your subconscious mind draw the parallels, there will be a metaphorical application to your own life. And it just might be that a seemingly unrelated video … turns out to be the key to resolving your most stubborn and frustrating issue!

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