Six hundred dollars

Tapping outrage when your corrupt politicians shut everything down … and then offer you $600 for your troubles

six hundred dollars

White Christmas

Hi everyone,

Today we have some anger clearing, and clearing of fear and frustration, and resistance.

As you know, we need to clear the darker stuff before we can shift to more positive intentions and affirmations.

Make no mistake – the ultimate goal of Holistic Belief Reprogramming is FREEDOM. That is our reason for existing.

Many things occurring globally at this time are *attempting* to work against freedom and ENSLAVE the people. We will not let that happen! Freedom is not only a constitutional right. It is a God given one.

Join me in these THREE new Gold membership tapping audios, as we first express outrage (about the pathetic “six hundred dollars” of stimulus), then resistance, then fear and frustration … before we can move on to a next set embracing and standing for FREEDOM.

As always, it does not matter if your details are different. Each of the “issues” we tap here are metaphorical. The body is a metaphor. Pets are metaphorical. Global issues are metaphorical. There is no such thing as “not my issue.” The key is letting our subconscious mind draw the parallels for our healing along with the world’s healing.


erika awakening

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