The Orchid that Would “Never” Bloom: Gold Membership Videos for April 2016

Happy Spring – Time for Quantum New Beginnings – Inspiration from the Orchid that Would “Never” Bloom

spring new beginningsWelcome to Spring, the season of new beginnings.

Today let’s talk about a very important aspect of Holistic Belief Reprogramming, which is our advanced and holistic version of EFT tapping: the tendency to think that nothing is happening.

Yes, I get it. I get why people get frustrated. I get why they sometimes get angry with me and stomp off, thinking that Holistic Belief Reprogramming is “not working” or “not working fast enough.”

Because it happens to me too.

So today we have a beautiful lesson in persistence and patience.

I’ve posted a photo here of an orchid that I purchased years ago. After it bloomed the first time straight from the store, I continued to watch over and water this orchid. Of course I hoped it would bloom several times a year.

It didn’t. Nope, first months went by. Then years went by. I forgot what color the orchid blossoms had been, I waited so long.

I saw some “signs of land.” The orchid stayed green. It kept putting out new leaves. And I kept saying to myself, “surely this is the year it’s finally going to bloom again.”

But it didn’t.

After years of this, I felt frustrated and impatient. Indeed, my frustration and impatience peaked early this year. I very nearly threw the orchid out … (I did tap about my frustration).

And then one day, literally right after I had given up on the orchid and was all but planning to set it on the second floor of my apartment building for someone else to adopt …

I saw the first signs of a flower shoot. At first I was doubtful, thinking this was yet another root tendril that had “faked me out” so many times before.

But it wasn’t. My patience and devotion finally paid off.

As the flower shoot began to grow and put out buds, I brought the orchid up to Tahoe, a little intrepid. The flower shoots are so delicate I feared it would get munched on the journey. But it didn’t.

And now finally I am enjoying the long forgotten beauty of this exquisite delicate orchid.

Have you ever heard the Chinese Bamboo Story?

It’s a lesson in patience. It’s a lesson in trusting God’s timing for our miracles.

We know that plants, including bamboo, require soil, water, and sunshine. We must provide the right conditions for growth.

But we are an instant gratification society. We plant seeds, water them, and want to see growth immediately.

Not with the Chinese bamboo. Nope … in the first year, there is no growth above the soil. This continues in the second year, the third year, the fourth year …

We become frustrated, we want to give up, we think our efforts are in vain, that God has not heard our prayers. We want to rip up the soil and try planting something else.

And then in the fifth year, when we have given up and surrendered, the miracle happens.

The Chinese Bamboo grows eighty feet in a few weeks.

It seemed like “nothing was happening,” but really the bamboo was creating the foundation to sustain miraculous exponential growth. It took five years to set the stage for a quantum leap.

That is how we must view our tapping.

We chip away at a problem or a pattern, day after day. It seems nothing is happening. Sometimes, things actually seem to be “getting worse.”

Our darkest unconscious crap gets stirred up, it feels extremely uncomfortable, things in our life start “falling apart.”

We often think that tapping is “not working” and indeed that God has abandoned us.

And then one day, the bamboo grows 80 feet in six weeks.

Then one day the orchid suddenly blooms.

In the moment of the miracle, we realize that as we groped about in darkness … we were building the foundation for the miracle. If we had quit, we never would have seen the miracle.

When it blooms, no longer how long it took, suddenly it’s all worth it.

Which is why during those five long years of seeming futility, we must simply walk in faith.

The topics for our April Gold Membership videos are:

1. Quantum Video for When It Seems Like Nothing Is Happening

2. Quantum Money Video

3. When It Seems You’ve Reached a Dead End

4. Integration

As we have talked about many times, all of the videos are metaphorical. So even if it appears not to be “your issue” … I guarantee if you just let your subconscious mind draw the parallels, there will be a metaphorical application to your own life. And it just might be that a seemingly unrelated video … turns out to be the key to resolving your most stubborn and frustrating issue!

Remember also that if you have been intrigued to get one or more of my 30-Day Challenges, or to sign up for private coaching, I do offer payment plans. My clients often manifest the money to pay off their payment plan faster, once they make the commitment. Email or private message me on Facebook to set up your own personal payment plan. New Year’s is always a great time to set new intentions and make big changes!!


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