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Hi everyone,

When I founded Holistic Reprogramming many years ago now, it was built on a number of core principles.

Those principles include authenticity, free expression, spontaneity, autonomy, freedom …

What is happening now on social media re censoring dissenting viewpoints, is antithetical to EVERYTHING we stand for here at tapsmarter.

We have always taught that healing requires ALL perspectives to be expressed fully, so they can integrate and unify.

Silencing certain viewpoints has never worked, and will never work, for human happiness and fulfillment.

That said, it is possible that we are on the verge of a new world. We talked years ago about returning to the Garden of Eden. The closer we got, the more Satan hated us.

As we have said many times, expect Satan to put up his biggest defenses when you are close to the target. That is what is happening now.

Today, below, I am releasing a bunch more audios to our Gold members. Folks, there has never been a more important time to put your money and resources into small businesses.

We have been lured into a trap on social media, Amazon, and many other big corporate interests. We saw the censorship of free thinkers begin years ago. Now that censorship needs to end. And we and all small businesses need your support.

Today is the day to invest in yourself and the Gold membership and to STOP putting money toward mainstream media, Amazon, Walmart, and other corporate bullies. Remember, that you vote with your resources. It’s time to start voting for the right things.

Today’s audios include lots of anger releasing, and we are beginning to clear new layers of family trauma and conflict as well.


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