Finding Your Voice in Extreme Censorship

Finding Your Voice when you have been muzzled, literally

finding your voice

Finding Your Voice

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever you prefer. Many of us find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances. The world is going full Orwell 1984. Small businesses (including mine) need your support right now.

In order to get content out faster, we are going to try a new audio format here. Remember, my personal coaching sessions have ALWAYS been audio only. It’s actually more effective that way without the visual distraction.

It does not matter where you tap on your body. It does not need to be the same place I am tapping. Just keep that energy moving.

This audio is our first one. The topic is Finding our Voice in Extreme Censorship 2020.

Please let me know any feedback. I would like to get a bunch more of these out in the next few weeks. Tapping has never been more important!

Hope you are safe and having a lovely holiday wherever you are in the world.


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