Ascension – Gold Videos for September October November 2017

Ascension – Powerful Videos to Help Re-Frame Your Challenges

Christ is risen, resurrection, heaven on earth, God loves you, God loves me

Christ is risen, the second coming comes through our awakening to our true divine nature

Hi everyone, thank you for you patience with me. It has been a very intense year, as many of you know. I had no title for these brand new Gold Membership videos. As I sat here preparing to begin the release of them, the word Ascension popped into my head. I’m going with it … nobody said Ascension was going to be easy. And let’s face it, it has not been easy at all.

This set of Gold videos continues the emotional work we did in the last set … because at some point we need to start shifting all of the ego’s ploys back toward the light. We want to do this without being in denial or skipping over any of the dark feelings. We want to feel and release all those. Then we want to look for powerful re-framing techniques so that the “bad” things that happen can begin to be seen as helping us.

Yes, it can get frustrating to realize how many layers of unresolved emotions there really are … aren’t we done with this emotional work already?

Yet when we realize that the world around us is nothing more than a projection of the contents of our unconscious mind … it’s easy to see that we all have quite a lot of emotional work to do!

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1. Bereavement (Jesus Wept Before He Raised Lazarus from the Dead – Grief is the Gateway to Miracles)

2. Correcting Distorted (Ego) Perception

3. Seeing the Abundance that Is Already There

4. “How Is This Helping Us?”

5. TBA

6. Expanding Our Capacity to Receive Abundance

7. “It’s Too Much to Hope For”

8. Clearing Intense Fear

9. Weight Gain and Abundance (Fritz the Cat our Metaphor)

10. Valuing Ourselves More

11. Addressing Appetite (Metaphor for Abundance) and Grumpiness

12. Addressing Fear and Upset Stomach

13. Perception and Parallel Universes


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