Emergency Protocol

New Audios to Make It Easier to Do the Emergency Protocol

emergency protocol

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Hi everyone,

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that the emergency protocol is one of my more popular EFT tapping techniques.

I discovered the emergency protocol when it looked bleak for Fritz the Cat to survive catastrophic kidney failure in 2012. When the vets said it was hopeless, emergency protocol turned it around.

Emergency protocol also got Harvey the Cat 17 miracle months when the vets said it was “impossible.” And we probably would have had more months if I had done more emergency protocol at the end :(

Emergency protocol has also brought many, many other miracles. It is a quick way to change your mind in any traumatic situation.

Here we have three audios. Parts 1 and 2 give you an entire emergency protocol sequence. We also have an interlude audio reporting the nearly instantaneous results.

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Today’s audios will give you an easy way to do the full emergency protocol even when you are stressed or in resistance.


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