Healing the Feminine, Gold Videos Part 1

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Happy 2024 everyone! It warms my heart how customers and clients keep coming back years later asking for their password to get into the website.
We did have some passwords stop working when we upgraded the software over a year ago. It’s just so cool that people want to come back and tap their videos or audios all these years later.

We had a Gold membership member request Feminine Energy healing videos. Ah what a huge topic. She had been following my posts on Facebook about all the gender confusion and longing to be a Feminine woman.

Well, it was not easy to record these audios because the RESISTANCE and ANGER are so strong. So these are just an amuse bouche if you will. We need to take off some initial layers of resistance before we can dig deeper.

Please let me know what gets triggered for you with these audios and then we will use those ideas to weave into more installments.


erika awakening

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