Cultivating Self Love – Gold Membership Videos for December 2017, January – May 2018

Cultivating Self Love – Removing Blocks and Old Baggage to Discover Your True Identity with the Divine As Love Itself

cultivating self love

Cultivating Self Love in the month of Love

Hi everyone, I want to get these brand new awesome videos out to you as soon as possible. So I am not going to write a lot. I will be releasing another set on the same topic very soon – Cultivating Self Love is THE priority right now. And it is absolutely shocking all the ways we don’t fully love ourselves.

I expect our Gold membership rates to be going up again shortly – but if you buy now and keep your membership current … or if you are an active Gold member and keep your membership active … then your “old” rate is grandfathered in as long as you keep the membership active.

We actually have a full 30 videos in this set. We are releasing the negativity that is in the way of self love so we can cultivate more self love !! This is essentially a full 30-Day Challenge especially for our loyal Gold Members – because I love you all :)

Self Love Self Love Self Love … this is the foundation of everything. So we have seven months’ worth of Gold videos devoted to Self Love, plus two bonus Self Love videos to make a full set of 30 Self Love videos … I hope you enjoy the big big big emotional releases we get in these EFT tapping videos.

As always, it does not matter if your details are different. Each of the “issues” we tap here are metaphorical. The body is a metaphor. Pets are metaphorical. Global issues are metaphorical. There is no such thing as “not my issue.” The key is letting our subconscious mind draw the parallels for our healing along with the world’s healing.

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1. Shifting from Anger and Judgment to Forgiveness

2. Cultivating Worthiness (Appetite As A Metaphor)

3. Shifting When We Are Feeling Stuck

4. Clearing the Refusal to Receive (Anything Good)

5. “Facing Myself” (When I Don’t Fully Love All Parts of Myself)

6. Frustrations with Fleeting Shifts (Tapping for Harvey the Cat, too)

7. Self Love

8. Addressing “All My Problems”

9. Addressing “All My Problems” Continued

10. “Sickness Is A Defense Against the Truth”

11. Outing Toxic Men

12. Blocking Versus Empathy

13. Fritz the Cat’s Weight and Toxic Men

14. Palm Turning Brown and Releasing the “Pedestal” (Idolatry)

15. Orchid, Palm, Tumors, Pedestal

16. Releasing the Pedestal and Letting Go

17. Releasing Grief and Letting Go

18. Crucifixion Metaphors (Guilt, Remorse, Regret, Self Punishment)

19. Crucifixion Metaphors, Part 2

20. Absorption of Nourishment and Receiving

21. Fritz the Cat’s Appetite and Clarifying Your Life Purpose

22. Fritz the Cat Helps Us with More Healing

23. Self Love

24. From Fear to Love, Part 1

25. From Fear to Love, Part 2

26. From Fear to Love, Part 3

27. Clearing Overwhelm and Starting Over

28. Releasing Heaviness and Re-Framing

29. Releasing Grief

30. Releasing Grief and Letting Go


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