Ending Self-Sabotage with EFT Tapping (Another 4-Video Mini-Challenge)

Four Advanced EFT Tapping Videos to End Self-Sabotage and Attract More Miracles Today we have another exciting new release for our loyal Gold members … a four-video Mini-Challenge for ending self-sabotage. We are going to address those pesky saboteurs called … Continue reading

EFT Tapping for Healing Relationships

Three Videos to Heal Relationships with EFT Tapping Hi everyone, I’m still in Vegas soon to return to San Francisco after having a fabulous time speaking at this event and seeing old and new friends and colleagues. So we will … Continue reading

EFT Tapping to End Co-Dependency

Three Videos to End Co-Dependency Now With Advanced EFT Tapping from Erika Awakening A very popular topic of self-empowerment is ending co-dependency. Yet almost nobody seems to know how to do it. And that is not a big surprise because … Continue reading

EFT Tapping for Not Trusting Other People

EFT Tapping for Not Trusting Other People: Tapping Therapy and Tapping Techniques Do you find yourself questioning other people’s motives and finding it difficult to trust anyone? Are you aware that mistrust of other people means that we don’t trust … Continue reading

Clear Clutter with Advanced EFT Tapping Video

Clear Clutter Easily by Releasing the Resistance in Your Mind with EFT Tapping So how do we clear clutter with EFT tapping techniques? The theme of this month is Simplify Your Life in 30 Days. For those who don’t have … Continue reading

EFT Tapping to Forgive Yourself Past Mistakes

How to Forgive Yourself Past Mistakes with Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping “You are your own worst enemy”: Why we punish ourselves and what to do about it In A Course in Miracles, our Teacher explains how the ego keeps … Continue reading

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop? EFT Tapping Therapy to Release Ourselves from Unhelpful Limiting Beliefs “Waiting for the other shoe to drop.” “If it’s not one thing it’s another.” “Killing two birds with one stone.” (Ouch) “It’s too … Continue reading

Clearing Overwhelm with EFT Tapping Therapy Techniques

When You Feel Overwhelmed, EFT Tapping Therapy Techniques Can Restore A Sense of Calm Overwhelm is epidemic in our society these days … Many people are over-committed, busy beyond belief, and constantly being asked to add more to their plates … Continue reading