EFT Tapping for Stress About Taxes

EFT Tapping to Release Stress, Anxiety, and Worry About Taxes: 2 Videos


EFT tapping for taxesYes, I know it’s not April yet, which is the month in the United States when most people are stressed out about taxes. It is almost the end of the year though, and a lot of people are already thinking about it.

Here are commonly stressful tax issues that we can address with EFT Tapping therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique:

– How much am I going to owe?

– Will I be able to pay it?

– Why should I work any harder when my extra money is all going to taxes anyway …?

– My tax returns are so complicated that I get dizzy and avoid dealing with them at all …

– I forgot to save my receipts!

And so on and so forth.

This is why we need EFT Tapping for stress about taxes

It’s actually a very common form of “psychological reversal” for people who want to make more money. Maybe they have an outstanding tax debt and they feel overwhelmed about paying it … so they make less money. Maybe they are worried that making more money is going to be too much work to be worth the effort because half or more goes to taxes. Maybe they are worried about getting in trouble, or forgetting to keep track of receipts, or … the list goes on and on and on …

So today’s EFT tapping for money videos are dedicated to releasing emotional stress and worry about taxes. Please note that I am NOT a qualified tax advisor, and nothing I say in my posts or videos should be construed as tax advice. We are simply releasing stress and worry so that you can think more clearly and calmly about your tax situation and hopefully taxes will not be so stressful anymore.

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EFT Tapping for Stress About Taxes(2 new EFT tapping videos)

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