Do you have a “no drama” policy?

Adopting A No Drama Policy for All of Our Relationships with EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique Thanks for all the fantastic feedback on and requests for EFT tapping videos for the Gold membership.  Thanks to your participation, we will have … Continue reading

Our week in Montana: How my aunt changed my life with one sentence

This past week, I was in a remote area of Montana with a huge group of extended family.  The trip led to a lot of beautiful moments, insights, and photographs, some of which I’ll be sharing with you here on … Continue reading

EFT tapping video to release the limiting belief: “I’m scared to be honest with my partner (or other important person in my life)”

Too scared to be honest with your partner? We can help with EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique Videos – Join Us Now Hey Gold Club members, Here’s your next EFT tapping video from Erika Awakening. The specific topic is clearing … Continue reading

Bonus Video for Gold Members: Releasing Fear of Competition

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Why there’s such a big gap between theory and execution in the seduction community: the Four Pillars

Here’s another video clip for you from the speech … addressing a HUGE issue for men who are learning how to connect with women. Why learning all the theory and the pickup lines does NOT result in results, much less … Continue reading

My Purpose Life: Discover Your Life Purpose

My Purpose Life – What Is My Purpose and Why Am I Here If you find yourself asking the question “what is my purpose in life, what does my purpose life look like?” … Then you are in the right … Continue reading

Fear being naked? Get comfortable naked with EFT tapping

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Miracle Coaching with Erika Awakening: Radical Personal Transformation


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