Magnetizing your Twin Flame

All right, this powerful EFT tapping video really is intended to be part of a future product (which is now released – my Secret Revolutionary product) … But … I couldn’t help myself, and I pre-released this EFT tapping video … Continue reading

Releasing yourself from the grip of addictions …

 Do you find yourself frittering away time on Facebook or watching television, then feel annoyed at yourself later because you didn’t get enough done?  Are you relying on various substances to feel good or boost your social confidence?  Do you … Continue reading

Healing a sense of separation

One of our TAPsmarter Gold members requested a video for healing a sense of separation from the world around us. This is what she said: Erika, The EFT tapping video on Clearing the “Scientific mindset” (i.e. the Newtonian, works-like-clockwork) is … Continue reading

How to become more powerful and more popular by caring less about “what other people think” with EFT tapping

When people finally “get” the whole game of self-empowerment, they are often surprised how paradoxical it is. The more you care about what other people think, the less they will respect you. This makes no sense to the rational, linear … Continue reading

Advanced EFT tapping video for reducing drama and conflict in your life

After I published this article about adopting a “no drama” policy, one of our members requested an EFT tapping video to help with these issues. As it turned out, when I saw his request, I had just recorded this EFT … Continue reading

The conversation that I wish I had with Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has passed over. And the abundance of appreciation for him that I see all over Facebook shows how much he contributed to our lives. I *love* my iPhone. Who doesn’t *love* their iPhone? In many ways, it revolutionized … Continue reading

How to identify and deactivate psychological reversal with EFT tapping

What is psychological reversal and how can we resolve it with EFT Tapping? Simply put, it means that although the conscious mind claims that it wants to achieve a particular goal, the subconscious mind is saying “NO WAY, Jose.” And … Continue reading

EFT Tapping Video to Help You with Committing to my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program

Hey everyone, I had a bunch of requests from members for an EFT tapping video to help them commit to my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program (read more about the program here). And it IS an AWESOME program :) So here’s … Continue reading