Releasing the Anger that Separates Us

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Pamper yourself at the spa, make more money? Erika Awakening shares why this works …

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Get Rid of Debt with Advanced EFT Tapping Techniques

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EFT Tapping Video to Help You with Committing to my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program

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Bonus EFT Tapping video for Clearing a “lack of motivation”

Overcoming a lack of motivation with EFT Tapping Techniques Hey, several of you requested an EFT tapping video for helping with motivation. Lack of motivation is often an anger issue (subconscious anger — we feel blocked because we are not … Continue reading

EFT tapping video from Erika Awakening to release sexual guilt from your life

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Miracle Coaching with Erika Awakening: Radical Personal Transformation


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