Releasing the Anger that Separates Us

When Anger is Putting Walls Between You and Other People – EFT Tapping to Release the Separation Anger

Anger management techniques and anger releasing

Anger is one of the biggest blocks to getting everything we want in our lives. Just today I was working with one of my private clients who is enrolled in my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program (learn about that program by CLICKING here) … And we discovered a truckload of anger that has been separating him from his family, from women, and from the abundance and opportunities that he desires.

Many people will tell you that they are “not angry.” Unless they have EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM in their life solved (including the ending and reversal of aging, illness, and death) … don’t believe them … They are not being honest with themselves. They may think they are not angry, but they are angry. If they were not angry, all of their problems would be solved.

So … in Holistic Belief Reprogramming, we are as honest and authentic as possible with our anger. And this EFT tapping video will help you get in touch with anger and release it.

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Today’s topic is:

1. Releasing Separation Anger

I hope you enjoy it! :)


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