Get Rid of Debt with Advanced EFT Tapping Techniques

Use Advanced EFT Tapping Techniques to Get Rid of Debt and Feel Financially Free

get rid of debt

Are you feeling mired in debt? Weighed down and not seeing any way out?

My coaching method, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), is a very powerful way to reduce debt. Debt is not a cause, it is a symptom. Most people who have a lot of debt are suffering from guilt, major limiting beliefs, and/or are punishing themselves or others.

Last year, I helped a client in my 15-Week Miracle coaching program dissolve nearly $1.5 million in debt in a very short time frame (a few months) by applying HBR to reduce his guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs, and by teaching him how to negotiate with his creditors.

In today’s advanced EFT tapping video video, I give you a tap-along sequence that you can apply to dissolve the burden of your debts (and btw, if you don’t have financial debt, this can also be applied to any other form of burden or obligation – like all of my videos, this one is metaphorical).

This advanced EFT tapping therapy video is a bonus Emotional Freedom Technique video for purchasers of my Magnify Your Business Magnetism Virtual Video Bootcamp product, and I will be releasing a few more bonus videos for this product soon. To access the video, you must purchase the product, which you can do so here:


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