How to become more powerful and more popular by caring less about “what other people think” with EFT tapping

When people finally “get” the whole game of self-empowerment, they are often surprised how paradoxical it is. The more you care about what other people think, the less they will respect you.

This makes no sense to the rational, linear mind. The rational, linear ego mind thinks 1+1=2. Under this view of the world, the way someone would become more “popular” is by “pleasing” more people. Makes sense, right?

Unfortunately for those who go that route, they soon find that people-pleasing gets them the exact opposite of what they really wanted. Less power and less overall popularity. And they tend to become lost. Ask a hundred people and they’ll have a hundred different opinions about what you “should” do. Attempting to please them all is a recipe for paralysis, frustration, and lack of any clear sense of direction or purpose.

The truth is, people respect you more when you live from a strong center within yourself that is IMMUNE to other people’s opinions. Doesn’t mean you don’t listen to people’s legitimate concerns. Doesn’t mean you don’t care about other people as human beings. Simply means that your core guiding light comes from within you, not from outside of you.

This powerful EFT tapping video will help you care less about other people’s opinions so that you can live from your own true center.


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