Ending Self-Sabotage with EFT Tapping (Another 4-Video Mini-Challenge)

Four Advanced EFT Tapping Videos to End Self-Sabotage and Attract More Miracles

ending self-sabotageToday we have another exciting new release for our loyal Gold members … a four-video Mini-Challenge for ending self-sabotage. We are going to address those pesky saboteurs called anger, resistance, shame, guilt, and regret.

Today’s advanced EFT tapping videos are especially helpful when you have made a lot of progress in your development and the ego starts putting up its biggest defenses. The ego wants us right back in our old “comfort zone” that didn’t work. So we need to disarm the ego to get ourselves back on track again.

Speaking of ending self-sabotage lol … I am happy to report that I have been working behind the scenes on improvements to this website. You may notice that the pages are loading substantially faster. It is my intention also to get the videos all loading faster as well, starting with the ever-popular 30-Day Abundance Challenge. For most of our customers, the videos already load fast but this will make it easier when you find yourself limited to a slower internet connection. I look forward to your feedback on our faster website … now that we’ve released our resistance with videos like the ones I’m releasing today :)

These advanced EFT tapping videos will help you release anger, guilt, shame, and regret and get more effective results with your tapping practice.

Another great product to help with these issues is the 30-Day Anger Releasing Challenge available HERE.

Today’s topic is:

EFT Tapping for Ending Self-Sabotage (a 4-video Mini-Challenge) (4 new EFT tapping videos)

1. EFT Tapping for “Picking At the Problem”

2. EFT Tapping for Feeling Resistance to Tapping

3. EFT Tapping for Feeling Regret About Tapping

4. EFT Tapping for Releasing Anger with God


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