Mini-Abundance Challenge: EFT Financial Abundance for Money Worries

Four EFT Tapping Videos to Release Money Worries and Learn How to Attract More Money Now

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In God We Trust shows that money miracle comes from God

Today we have another exciting new release for our loyal Gold members … a four-video mini-Abundance Challenge to help you tap for cash and release fear and concern about money.

Today’s advanced EFT tapping videos are especially helpful when you are in transition in your life and there is a lot of UNCERTAINTY. This may happen when you quit your day job or start speaking your truth in public. Maybe other people don’t want to hear the truth and they “punish” you by withholding money. Maybe you were accustomed to a steady and reliable paycheck and now your cash flow is not nearly so reliable.

These advanced EFT tapping videos will help you release fear and attract cash, sometimes from totally unexpected sources. EFT Financial Abundance works fast to help you feel more confident and learn how to attract money now.

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Today’s topic is:

Mini-Abundance Challenge for EFT Financial Abundance – EFT Tapping to Release Money Worries (4 new EFT tapping videos)

1. EFT Tapping to Release Fear About Money

2. EFT Tapping for A Money “Freak-Out”

3. EFT Tapping When Money Seems Unclear

4. EFT Tapping for When You Don’t Want to Think About Money


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