Mini-Challenge: EFT Tapping for Relationships

Six EFT Tapping for Relationships: Videos to Help You Feel Happier Fast

eft tapping relationships

If you missed yesterday’s blog about Non-Refundable Sex Manifesto, be sure to check it out HERE.

Speaking of relationships, today we have another exciting new release for our loyal Gold members … a six-video Mini-Challenge for Releasing Frustrating Issues in Relationships. EFT Tapping for Relationships is a fabulous way to feel better fast when relationships get you down.

A very common issue that arises for those who practice my healing method with any level of commitment is that our worldview changes so much it can be hard to relate to other people. Once we’ve let go of many of our ego beliefs and ego goals, most “mainstream” topics of conversation seem meaningless and pointless. Most “mainstream” forms of socializing seem meaningless and pointless. Our friends may not have committed to transformation the same way we have, and it can be very FRUSTRATING …

So as we transform the rest of our lives and enjoy the many benefits of Holistic Belief Reprogramming, it’s a good idea to keep clearing our beliefs about other people and relationships. This is a great time for EFT tapping for relationships.

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Today’s topic is:

EFT Tapping for Relationships (a 6-video Mini-Challenge) (6 new EFT tapping videos)

1. EFT Tapping for Feeling Sad About Relationships

2. EFT Tapping for Anger About Special Relationships

3. EFT Tapping for Sexual Healing

4. EFT Tapping for Grief About A Relationship Being Over

5. EFT Tapping for Letting Go of Grievances

6. EFT Tapping for Annoyance with Your Ex


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