EFT Tapping to End Co-Dependency

Three Videos to End Co-Dependency Now With Advanced EFT Tapping from Erika Awakening

end co-dependencyA very popular topic of self-empowerment is ending co-dependency. Yet almost nobody seems to know how to do it. And that is not a big surprise because co-dependency is EVERYWHERE in our culture.  People do not stand on their own two feet.  Most people relate to each other through “poor me” and sympathy, the ego’s favorite “socializing” tools.  Or we walk on eggshells around people, scared to talk about values.  Scared to rock the boat.  Scared to become un-dependent on systems that are not serving us …

Think about it: 

 We grow up in families where we have very little say in anything and learn how to be “happy slaves” who do what we are told.


 They send us to schools where the “happy slave don’t think for yourself” lifestyle is further reinforced.


 We create monopolistic monogamous relationships that are inherently co-dependent.


 We work at jobs where we give our power away to employers and pretend to be “happy slaves.”  We kiss ass even when it’s immoral and ridiculous to do so, just so we can get the next “promotion” or a slight raise.

We go to doctors and give away most of our power by asking them to “fix” us instead of healing ourselves.  We also give our power away to diseases and perceived “external threats” of all kinds.

 And we give our power away to “representative government” that is in no way representative, and then we may be “grumpy slaves” but we do very little about it …

In a society where almost everyone is in co-dependent relationships with everyone … and doesn’t even realize it, even the coaches create “guru-style” co-dependent relationships where their clients never really learn to heal themselves, think for themselves, or create for themselves.

So where do you turn? To Holistic Belief Reprogramming, of course.  Because in the healing world of Erika Awakening, none of this bullshit is going to fly …

Today we have three EFT tapping videos for ending co-dependency.  I hope you enjoy them.

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