Wayne Dyer makes a public endorsement of EFT Tapping

Wayne Dyer, renowned transformation and inspiration expert, endorses EFT Tapping

Wayne Dyer EFT tapping

Still skeptical about the effectiveness of EFT tapping? Now you have a new reason to put your skepticism aside and try it for real. That does not mean “trying it” for 20 minutes in the privacy of your bedroom without expert assistance, either.

Many of us were inspired on our path of transformation by the great Wayne Dyer. I personally bought all of his DVDs and listened to them for months every chance I could.  One time, I even got to see him speak on stage in San Francisco.  And I’ll tell you, his presence could be felt as soon as he entered the room.  The man is amazing!  I give Dr. Dyer credit for getting me onto the spiritual path, and for persuading me to begin meditating. Which then just happened to change my whole life. He is a powerful teacher, and he could be endorsing anything under the sun.

Which is why it is significant that in his newsletter yesterday, Dr. Wayne Dyer publicly endorsed EFT tapping. He said:

“Put away your skepticism, this really works … I’ve had great results with tapping in my own life.”

—Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Yep, apparently Dr. Wayne Dyer uses EFT tapping. And you know he could be using anything. It’s not like the man doesn’t have choices lol :) So the question is, how much longer will you wait to be using this miraculous and life-changing technology yourself?


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