Resurrecting Hopeless Relationships: Yes, It Is Possible with EFT Tapping Videos

Are there some relationships in your life that you believe are hopeless? Nothing will ever work to heal them and you have completely given up? Let’s try EFT Tapping Videos

hopeless relationships restored

One of many results I have achieved with Holistic Belief Reprogramming is the resurrection and restoration of hopeless relationships. I have indeed turned absolute enemies who despised and backstabbed me into friends and collaborators. Yes, I did this. Not by changing them. I resurrected these relationships by taking full responsibility for everything that had happened … and changing myself.

In celebration of another relationship healing that happened this past week, I am releasing two new EFT tapping videos to our Gold membership that will restore your faith in the infinite power of healing love.

The key to healing broken relationships is healing yourself. Everything that is broken in the relationship serves as your priceless mirror. Look into the mirror of the relationship to discover what issues you need to clear in YOURSELF. Clear them with Holistic Belief Reprogramming, and then watch miracles happen :)

If you are not yet a member of our powerful EFT tapping with Erika Awakening video club, click here to join. Recently, I have been releasing videos less frequently, so I am again releasing more EFT tapping videos at one time. Today I am giving you TWO EFT tapping videos from Erika Awakening.

For those who join the membership today, you will receive access to these videos on Day 121 of your membership. If you wish to get into “sync” with our other members and receive these videos sooner, then you can pay the membership dues for this past quarter ($157 if you pay it immediately) as a supplement to joining the membership today and I will backdate your membership so you can get these powerful EFT tapping videos now.

The topics for these TWO EFT tapping videos are:

1. Hopeless Relationships 1

2. Hopeless Relationships 2


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