When You Set Your Goal Too High

Do you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed because you set your goal too high?

goal too high

It is a very common problem in self-development that people set too high a goal for themselves … and then get overwhelmed and paralyzed because the goal just seems WAY out of reach.

There is an art form to setting intentions and goals that let you stretch to your full potential without setting them so high that you end up sitting on the couch watching TV and eating ice cream to deal with the stress of the goal. We don’t want to set your goal too low. And we don’t want to set your goal too high. This is like Goldilocks and the three bears :)

Our Holistic Belief Reprogramming system – an advanced version of EFT tapping techniques – can help IMMENSELY with optimum goal setting and clearing overwhelm. Today’s EFT tapping video will help you get the right balance.


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