“I Don’t Know Where the Money Is Going to Come From” – EFT Financial Abundance

more fun and happiness

When you don't know where the money is going to come from - how do you use EFT tapping for EFT financial abundance? A concern that I hear frequently from people who are just getting started with my powerful EFT tapping products is that they want to have more money ...

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Becoming More Popular EFT Tapping Techniques Video

becoming more popular

Becoming More Popular with Advanced EFT Tapping - Do you wish you had more popularity? Do you wish you got invited to more events or received more traffic to your pages? Wish you had more people pursuing you romantically? Wish you had more friends or more of that "j'ne sais ...

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Getting the Recognition You Deserve EFT Tapping Therapy Video

getting the recognition you deserve

Feel like you are not getting the recognition that you deserve? Get this solved with advanced EFT Tapping Therapy Video from Erika Awakening Does it sometimes feel like you are invisible? People don't notice your contributions, or don't appreciate your contributions? Then today's Gold membership video here at Erika ...

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More Powerful Intention with EFT Tapping Techniques

more powerful intention

Would you like to give your intention a turbo boost so you can have more powerful intention that brings your dreams into reality faster than ever? Then you will love today's Gold membership video here at Erika Awakening. In truth, your intention is the most powerful force in the ...

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Anger-Bonus (Faster Vids)

Let go of anger

Release Yourself Now from the Bondage of Anger and Judgment! This is the home of the FIVE FREE BONUS VIDEOS for purchasers of the 30-Day Anger Cleansing Challenge. The five bonus videos are as follows: Bonus #1 - Releasing Yourself From Ego Consciousness Bonus #2 - Release Anger From Feeling Unworthy Bonus ...

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When You Set Your Goal Too High


Do you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed because you set your goal too high? It is a very common problem in self-development that people set too high a goal for themselves ... and then get overwhelmed and paralyzed because the goal just seems WAY out of reach. There is an art form ...

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Getting Balance in Your Life with EFT Tapping Therapy Techniques

not trusting other people

Is your life feeling unbalanced and you wish you had a more balanced life? Get more balanced with EFT Tapping Therapy Techniques Then you will love today's Erika Awakening exclusive EFT tapping video. It's all about having the right balance in your life. Balancing fun and life purpose ...

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