Preparing for A Media Appearance with EFT Tapping Techniques

EFT Tapping Therapy Makes It Less Stressful Preparing For A Media Appearance

preparing for a media appearanceMaybe you have never had a media appearance.  Maybe you never want to have one.  Maybe you wish you were having more media appearances.

Today we are addressing a topic that applied to everyone even if you don’t think it does: Preparing for a Media Appearance.  I recorded these two Gold membership videos when I was preparing to appear fora segment about the End of Dating on Huffington Post Live (to see that program about why I don’t date anymore, go here).  Today’s TWO EFT tapping videos with Erika Awakening are designed to help you release the media appearance jitters and any concerns and fears you have about what might go “wrong.”

Because all of my EFT tapping videos are metaphorical, you can apply this one to any performance issue.  You could even apply it to a date or a business meeting, because really it’s about releasing the jitters whenever you are stepping a bit out of your comfort zone and are expected to perform.  Really these videos will help with ANY form of performance anxiety.  Yes, any form lol ;)

If you love these EFT tapping videos, you will adore the 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge.  Get more details and purchase here:   The latest two videos I recorded for the Fearless Challenge are a Day #11, letting go of financial fears, and Day #12, letting go of fears about aging.  Both recorded with a spectacular Costa Rican panorama behind me.  :)


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