Stop being defensive

Would you like to STOP being defensive? Do you find yourself being drawn in to arguments and defending yourself where you would probably be better off not reacting at all? When we are feeling defensive, it’s tough to respond in … Continue reading

Love Your Body with EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening

How Can You Love Your Body More? EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening Can Help! Erika Awakening presents a powerful Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) video for improving your relationship with your body. It’s time to release negative energy and love your … Continue reading

Count your blessings with Erika Awakening

Advanced EFT Tapping to Count Your Blessings and Feel More Gratitude Erika Awakening presents a powerful Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) video for helping you “count your blessings” and appreciate all the miracles that are already in your life, because that … Continue reading

Are you holding yourself back in life because you’re too scared to hear “no”?

EFT Tapping Video for “I’m Scared to Hear No” So many people are scared to hear no. In my years in the self-development industry, one thing never ceases to amaze me. I will hear people complaining about their life – … Continue reading

The end of sacrifice and self-punishment

Ending sacrifice and self-punishment with EFT tapping Have you been sacrificing and punishing yourself on a regular basis? Erika Awakening is back from Vegas and excited to start releasing videos again … In this powerful EFT tapping video, we help … Continue reading

Asking Too Little of Life? Ask for More with EFT Tapping

If You Are Asking Too Little of Life, EFT Tapping Therapy Can Help How often during any given day do you think of an idea, a desire, something you might enjoy, and then say to yourself, “oh, I don’t need … Continue reading

Releasing Impatience with EFT Tapping When It Feels like “Nothing is Happening”

Use EFT Tapping Techniques to Release Impatience When It Feels Like Nothing is Happening When attempting to apply the Law of Attraction, many people get frustrated and impatient with the process. At times, even when we are doing everything right, … Continue reading

Clearing “Business Overwhelm” for Easier Business Success

Hey everyone, One of my favorite ways to use tapping is for clearing overwhelm. Over and over again, I am amazed how easy it is to make money and complete creative projects after the “fog” has been lifted from my … Continue reading

What Is Ring Pass Not?

How to Overcome “Ring Pass Not” with EFT Tapping What the heck is “ring pass not” anyway? … sounds like some kind of fantasy thriller concept like from Lord of the Rings …. and in a way it is … … Continue reading

Are you listening to your Messages from the Universe? Increase Your Intuition

How to Increase Your Intuition with Advanced EFT Tapping Techniques from Erika Awakening Do you realize that the Universe is constantly talking to you, and that your life will be about 1000 times easier if you start listening? There’s that … Continue reading