Open your heart with Erika Awakening and EFT tapping

EFT Tapping to Open Your Heart from Erika Awakening

Erika Awakening presents a heart chakra clearing video (using Holistic Belief Reprogramming, an advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) that is sure to open your heart and help you feel lighter and happier!

open your heart erika awakening Do you have a lot of past experiences that led you to shut down your heart chakra because it didn’t feel safe to keep it open?  (I call this “barbed wire around our hearts”)

Are you less open than you could be with people now because you fear their judgment, criticism, and rejection?

Would you like to live in an open-hearted way and feel safe being open and receptive with the people and the world around you?

Would you like to open your heart now?

Then this advanced EFT tapping video from Erika Awakening is for you … the more we release negative energy and open our hearts, the happier our life becomes and we can also have better relationships.

Today’s Gold club video with Erika Awakening will help you open your heart :) Tap along with Erika Awakening to clear, balance, and heal your heart chakra, so you can live in a happier and more open-hearted way …


You get instant access to the powerful EFT tapping video(s) described on this page when you join our Gold EFT Tapping video membership here:

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