Are you having trouble getting motivated to tap every day? EFT tapping for getting motivated

Advanced EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique Video for Getting Motivated

getting motivated EFT tappingThose of us who have been EFT tapping for years are already fully aware that getting the spectacular results with EFT tapping requires commitment. Literally, EFT tapping every single day. Of course, you might take a vacation here or there. We must remember that it’s the cumulative effects of a powerful commitment to EFT tapping every day that really moves your life forward in this brilliantly organic and fun way …

That’s why getting motivated is so darn important!

Knowing this, we must find ways to help people commit to our advanced EFT tapping videos as a daily practice. And sometimes, ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE VERY CLOSE TO A BIG QUANTUM LEAP, the ego will put up a LOT of resistance and come up with a LOT of seemingly “good” reasons to put tapping at the bottom of the “to-do” list. Which is exactly the WRONG thing to do. Only if you really commit to EFT tapping, what you will find is that most of the tasks you are currently spending all your time on are a WASTE of your time. Tap every day, and watch your “to-do” list get magically shorter :)

So how are we getting motivated to tap every day?

Today’s advanced EFT tapping therapy video is dedicated to helping you release your resistance to EFT tapping in those moments when the urge to procrastinate seems almost irresistible. We are getting motivated by tapping right now :)


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