Count your blessings with Erika Awakening

Advanced EFT Tapping to Count Your Blessings and Feel More Gratitude

Erika Awakening presents a powerful Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) video for helping you “count your blessings” and appreciate all the miracles that are already in your life, because that will attract more miracles! (HBR is an advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping. You can learn more about this miracle method here: http:/

count your blessingsIf you answered YES, to that question, I have bad news for you … yes, it’s so “human” to focus on the negative, on what is lacking, on what is not right … but it’s going to be very difficult to become a masterful manifestor, creating the reality you’d really like to have, unless you are committed to actively appreciating what you already have.

This means that when you “count your blessings,” you are actually attracting more money, more abundance, better sex, better opportunities, more love, and all the other good things to your doorstep. This is the power of APPRECIATION. Where you invest your appreciation, you can expect your assets to appreciate ;)

In the advanced EFT tapping video below, Erika Awakening guides you through a tapping sequence that will help you appreciate what you already have, because a fundamental Universal Law of the Universe is this:

“To those who have, more is given.”

So let’s release that negative energy and count our blessings today!!


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