Faster personal transformation with Erika Awakening | EFT Tapping

Faster personal transformation with advanced EFT tapping from Erika Awakening

Erika Awakening presents this powerful Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) video for getting faster personal transformation in your life.  (HBR is an advanced form of Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping – read more about HBR here.)

Let me ask you a few questions:

 Do you say that you want rapid personal transformation but deep down you actually fear getting it?

 Is your ego putting the brakes on your faster personal transformation and personal development efforts, for fear the change will come with negative side-effects or be too scary or disorienting?

Deep inner resistance to faster personal transformation is a very common form of self-sabotage, and you may have this issue whether you realize it consciously or not.

Today’s Gold advanced EFT tapping video – another original from Erika Awakening – will help you accelerate your results … in any area you choose … :)

You can get faster personal transformation starting right now, just by tapping along to this powerful video.

Here’s what one of our Gold members had to say after tapping along to this video:

“HUGE shift!”

“WOW! I did the faster transformation video as well and there was such a HUGE shift! The following day, after having tapped to it, I became aware of some things I had buried deep within me when I was a child. All of the dreams, goals and aspirations I had abandoned in order to live a ‘normal life’ and blend in. When Erika Awakening was voicing the fears of being seen and becoming an overnight success it totally resonated with me! I knew it was going to be a fast transformation but this brought so much to light and I can feel my life about to take a complete shift. Thank you Erika for that video!!!”

– TAPsmarter Gold member


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