Love Your Body with EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening

How Can You Love Your Body More? EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening Can Help!

Erika Awakening presents a powerful Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) video for improving your relationship with your body. It’s time to release negative energy and love your body no matter how it looks or feels!! (HBR is an advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping – you can learn more about HBR here.)

love your body eft tappingDo you struggle with “body image” issues? Join the club, most people do. In fact, as I have had a large number of male clients and I create a “safe space” in which people feel comfortable sharing their deepest secrets with me, I can tell you that men struggle with this just as much as women do (and have the added burden of cultural conditioning that tells them they “shouldn’t” have these emotional issues about their bodies).

To love your body is an important part of learning to love yourself, not because the body is important in and of itself. (A Course in Miracles teaches us that it’s not important at all, actually.) Only because the body is a symbol of how we see ourselves, a symbol of how much we love ourselves truly. And when we allow love to shine in to our lives through our connection to the Divine, we see our bodies becoming healthier and more beautiful as a result of that Love. :)

Maybe you don’t know how to love your body? This video is designed to help you let go of negative energy and beliefs so you can accept and love your body as the blessed vehicle of your divinity, which is what it really is. Tap along with Erika Awakening to release insecurity about your body, and other doubts and fears, so you can love your body again :)

Today’s powerful EFT tapping therapy video will help you love your body starting right now!


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