Make money from home in your pajamas with Erika Awakening: Get your pajama sensibility

EFT Tapping in Your Pajamas: Get the Pajama Sensibility

Do you have “pajama sensibility”? We do! Pajama sensibility is part of the Erika Awakening lifestyle.

What is “pajama sensibility,” you may ask?

Well, I must admit, I borrowed the phrase from Oprah. But I didn’t borrow the pajama sensibility from her. My parents tell me stories of how I refused to get dressed for school even as a young child and wore my pajamas to school (inside out and backwards sometimes, no less haha). It didn’t make any sense to me that I had to put on ridiculously uncomfortable “regular” clothes, get up to an alarm clock, and go to a school to be “taught” stuff I already knew or for which I had no practical use. So even as a child, I was tapped into “pajama sensibility” wisdom far beyond my years.

But you might easily dismiss me as an amateur or “not professional enough” or “too edgy.” Now consider this, if a woman as powerful as Oprah loves hanging out in her pajamas (and I saw a photo of her out walking with friends in some dashingly gorgeous silk pajamas) … could it really be wrong?

Lol, wearing pajamas feels soooo right. And it’s absolutely one of the BEST things about working for yourself from home. I sometimes even record my videos wearing my pajamas (only on the bottom, so you don’t see them in the videos!). Pink flannel plaid with a pink satin ribbon tie – those are my favorites!

Of course, we also still love dressing up and going out. But we dress up and go out when when WANT to do this, not so that we can go play a part at a job doing “face time.”

In my private Facebook coaching group, we have many pajama lovers. And, not coincidentally, we also have a lot of aspiring internet-based businesses.

We are doing this for ourselves, of course. Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. We are also doing this to help more people. Because when you have more money and more free time, you can help more people. It’s that simple.

So I’ve decided to start a new movement in our group … the Pajama Sensibility Movement. And for this movement to have power, we need to empower all of the members to make more money working from HOME, doing what they love, serving others and themselves simultaneously, setting their own schedules, IN THEIR PAJAMAS (of course :) ).

I myself have already made more than $200,000 already this year (in less than five months, this was updated in May 2012), WITHOUT a huge “list,” without paid advertising, and without doing nearly anything that most internet marketers tell you that you “have to do” to make money. My business model is simple and streamlined, and it’s joyful and FUN :)

How did I do this? Well, I followed my intuition (learn more about developing your intuition here).
But looking back at the first day I started my blog (which was purely for fun at that time), I can see there actually was a brilliant intelligence working behind my process – a Power way bigger than little ol’ me.

And now I have reverse engineered the process that I went through to create my thriving business, and I’m ready to teach that process to you. So you can make money at home in your pajamas with us. Having a lot of fun doing it!! :) All you need to do is join our Gold membership, contribute $197 to get the teaching module from Erika Awakening, and follow a few other simple instructions (contact Erika Awakening at from more details).

My seven-year old self would be very proud of me. “Finally,” she is saying, “you finally stood up to all those ridiculous ‘grown-ups’ who told you to sell your soul in order to fit in. It’s about time you finally got it.” Haha :)

Yes, indeed, it’s humbling to realize that we probably understood life better as a seven-year old than we did after years of so-called “education” and “learning.”

What was it that society taught us, after all?

They taught us to be powerless. They taught us to fit in. And they taught us to sacrifice what we really wanted for what we thought was “all we could get.” They taught us how to settle for far less than we wanted and for far less than we deserve.

No more. All this ridiculous nonsense ends with the Pajama Party Movement, starting now.

The Pajama Party Credo is simple:

1. We commit to working from home, setting our own schedules, being our own boss, and doing only work (play) that we love. (Wearing pajamas most of the time, of course – that goes without saying! We dress up ONLY when we want dress up, for fun. :p) ) We vow to never, ever, EVER give our power away again.

2. We commit to making at least $1 million each year
doing this (for help with this, see the How to Attract Money and the 30-Day “Tap for $1 Million” Challenge). We are ready for effortless online business success!!

3. We commit to making the world a better place by reducing the totally unnecessary traffic jams, accidents, pollution, unhappiness, depression, road rage, dry cleaning waste, relationship strife, resource shortages and a myriad of other problems that result from the “herd mentality” of people driving to work every day to meaningless jobs that they do not enjoy, in bureaucratic hierarchies where some people have way too much power and others have none.

4. We commit to being happy, being abundant, and being free
, the way God intended us.

5. We commit to helping other souls convert to the Pajama Party lifestyle so that the movement can grow and change the world. When we allow ourselves to receive more money and more free time, we can help more people.


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