Clear Overwhelm and Recover From A Crisis with EFT Tapping

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Prayers for Healing: Announcing the Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge

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Erika Awakening Catalog

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Pamper yourself at the spa, make more money? Erika Awakening shares why this works …

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Love Your Body with EFT Tapping by Erika Awakening

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Releasing yourself from the grip of addictions …

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The conversation that I wish I had with Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has passed over. And the abundance of appreciation for him that I see all over Facebook shows how much he contributed to our lives. I *love* my iPhone. Who doesn’t *love* their iPhone? In many ways, it revolutionized … Continue reading

How to identify and deactivate psychological reversal with EFT tapping

What is psychological reversal and how can we resolve it with EFT Tapping? Simply put, it means that although the conscious mind claims that it wants to achieve a particular goal, the subconscious mind is saying “NO WAY, Jose.” And … Continue reading