Prayers for Healing: Announcing the Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge

How to Get Our Prayers for Healing Answered with Miracles

Prayers for Healing Answered

Prayers for Healing Answered

Many people are frustrated that their prayers for healing seem to go unanswered. For several years now, I have been blogging about how EFT tapping can assist with physical healing. My Holistic Belief Reprogramming system of EFT tapping has helped me with radically improving a chronic skin condition and pretty much eliminating chronic pain that I once suffered all the time. These tapping-powered prayers for healing really work, yes they do!

When I work with private clients, I can usually help them relieve migraine headaches and other aches and pains within a few minutes. Now I am also beginning to innovate with the use of EFT tapping for fitness and beauty. One way you can look at my videos is that they are prayers for healing. Yet, somehow our prayers for healing seem to get answered a whole lot faster when we combine them with powerful EFT tapping.

I’ll be honest. For a long time, I’ve had mixed feelings about Western medicine. I am very grateful that Western medicine was able to remove the hair from my legs with lasers so that I don’t have to shave anymore. I was pretty disappointed that no doctor I visited was able to help me much with my skin problems and chronic pain. The knee injury that I got in law school did not even respond to surgery.  My near-death experience also was a result of a medical procedure, so I was still holding some fear and trauma in my body from that event.

Yet I have new hope after recording the Health Fitness & Beauty Challenge, Part 1. To be fair, I have seen physical improvements with each of the Challenges that I have recorded, so I am not sure I can attribute this miracle entirely to this Challenge alone. In a way, every single one of my 30-Day Challenges involves “prayers for healing” :) I recommend that my customers commit to multiple products to get maximum results. The miracle I’m about to tell you about is an example of the ways that we can combine EFT tapping and Western medicine for better results and more miracles. This is how we get our prayers for healing answered more powerfully and more quickly.

(Please note: nothing on any of my websites should be construed as medical advice. Please consult your health care professionals about all medical issues.)

The Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge took me several months to record because I had so much inner RESISTANCE to creating the videos.  When I experience a lot of resistance during the recording of one of my products, it usually means the product turns out to be super powerful.  Early in the Challenge, I created a video about my resistance to exercise and fitness.  Then many, many weeks went by before I got around to finishing the rest of the 30 videos.

In the meantime, after recording those first few EFT tapping videos, I went to a doctor I have been seeing for a long time to have a tiny patch of broken capillaries zapped.  I was late for the appointment, and they had not scheduled enough time.  It was very strange because they never do this, but they said they would not be able to treat me that day.  And because I live an hour away from them, this was a tad frustrating.  However, I have learned from many experiences (such as how I got my brand new car described here) always to look for the miracle in the seeming obstacle.

Well, sure enough, they began to tell me about a procedure they had never mentioned before.  They said it might just solve the underlying problem that created the broken capillaries in the first place.

We scheduled the diagnostic test, and they did an ultrasound of my leg veins.  My aunts have terrible varicose veins all over their legs, but my legs don’t have these unsightly veins, thank goodness.  However, the diagnostic test revealed that, like my aunts, I had a serious problem with the functionality of my veins.  The blood was refluxing badly in four different veins, which means bad circulation throughout the legs.  My doctor explained that this is why I have felt heaviness and fatigue in my legs my entire life.  Even when I was a little kid, I was not able to run as fast as other kids, and I never knew why.  Now it became very clear.

In another synchronicity, my awesome insurance from my old job did not run out until the end of this month.  My doctor submitted the diagnostic testing, and I was easily approved for the procedure.  It would have cost me $14,000 out of pocket.  Because we were able to schedule it just before my insurance ran out, almost all of it will be covered.  (This reminds me a lot of all the synchronicity that led to me getting that brand new car and walking away from the lot after paying only $47 lol – read more here.)

After we had the procedure scheduled, I recorded more EFT tapping videos for the Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge to make medical procedures easier and get better results, and to clear a lot of my fears and apprehension so I could feel confident about the procedures. More prayers for healing …

But we haven’t even got to the best part yet …  :)

So I had three of the four veins treated last week.  The two small ones were treated on Wednesday, and one of the larger ones was treated on Friday.  The fourth one will be treated two weeks later.

The procedure was simple and does not take very long.   They simply close up the unhealthy veins.  The blood then re-routes itself through healthy veins instead.  The anesthesia is local, so I was fully awake during the procedure, and that’s where the miracle comes in …

Much to my surprise, the results were truly INSTANT.  On each day that I was treated, as soon as they closed the damaged veins, I could feel the difference immediately.  Friday was the most dramatic.  As soon as the unhealthy vein was closed, I felt energy and heat surging into my abdomen.  And then …

They needed to bandage me up, but I could barely stay on the table.  My energy level had increased so dramatically that I kept sitting up without even realizing I was doing it.  And they kept pushing me down.  We were all laughing about it, because it was like I was going to LEAP off that table.

Imagine you were born with a ball and chain around your energy levels, and it was suddenly removed one day.  That is how this feels.  And they haven’t even treated the fourth vein yet!! My prayers for healing have already been answered.

I am ecstatic.  I feel like a brand new person.  And, mind you, this procedure has been available for years.  But until I recorded the Health, Fitness & Beauty Challenge, nobody ever told me about it.  This is how our limiting beliefs work.  It is like we are wearing blinders, and we don’t even see the opportunities around us.

So, you could call it all a “coincidence,” but personally I have seen way too many coincidences just like this one result from my EFT tapping videos to buy that interpretation.  To me, these are just prayers for healing that are actually getting answered.

If you’d like to get started with your miracles, learn more about the brand new Health and Fitness Challenge here.


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