Clear Overwhelm and Recover From A Crisis with EFT Tapping

Hi, and welcome back to our returning members. If you are not yet a member of our powerful EFT tapping video club, click here to join. Today’s topic is Clear Overwhelm and Recover From A Crisis With EFT Tapping.

Clear Overwhelm and Recover from A Crisis

Clear Overwhelm and Recover From A Crisis

For the past four weeks, I have been dealing with a major health crisis with my cat Fritz, who had kidney failure very unexpectedly and for no apparent physical reason. Fritz is the beloved cat who frequently makes guest appearances in my EFT tapping videos. I’m happy to report that his health has improved a lot over the past couple of weeks (check out Fritz the Cat’s latest update here).

Inspired by the needs of the moment, I have decided to focus on Clearing Overwhelm and Crisis Recovery for today’s Gold membership EFT tapping video release. Now you may be saying to yourself, “I’m not in a crisis right now – why should I tap these videos right now?” I’ll give you several good reasons to tap these videos anyway:

First, it is not uncommon to get a really powerful clearing for yourself by tapping on a topic that does not appear to be YOUR issue. Our ego mind loves to convince us that “that is somebody else’s problem.” Yet in EFT tapping, we find over and over again that we are all One, and if anyone has a problem, we all have it. I remember that I got a super powerful clearing listening to a Carol Look EFT tapping audio in which Carol Look was working with a female military veteran. I have never been in the military, and I have never gone to war – at least not in this lifetime – yet I cried buckets of tears tapping along to that audio over and over again. And I experienced some deep healing from it.

Second, is a tip I heard from Brad Yates on his interview for the Maximize Your Life Summit (if you are not yet registered, learn more and sign up here). Now I don’t have an exact quote in front of me here, but as I understood the gist of what he was saying, it is that by tapping on another person’s issue, we can actually “trick” our subconscious mind into letting go of big stuff that our subconscious mind might otherwise resist letting go. Sometimes coming at an issue indirectly with EFT tapping is more powerful than tackling it directly.

Third, it is my belief that if you tap on crisis overwhelm and recovery now, it is less likely you will find yourself in a crisis later – and, if you do, I can almost guarantee you will be better equipped to handle it and better able to recover from it because you tapped these EFT tapping videos.

With all of the medical needs at home and everything that got back-burnered during our crisis, we are still catching up on a long to-do list in this business. We really appreciate your patience during this challenging time for us. I want to make sure you get all of the EFT tapping videos that I promised you, and more than that.

So once again, I am releasing two EFT tapping videos at once to make sure you get more than your money’s worth from your Gold membership. For those who join the membership today, you will receive access to these videos on Day 25 of your membership.

The topics for these two EFT tapping videos are:

1. Clearing Overwhelm During A Crisis

2. Recovering from A Crisis


You get instant access to the powerful EFT tapping video(s) described on this page when you join our Gold EFT Tapping video membership here:

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