Self-Love and Clearing Resistance to the Gym and Exercise

Hi, and welcome back to our returning members. If you are not yet a member of our powerful EFT tapping video club, click here to join. Today’s two EFT tapping videos will help you with self-love (loving yourself more) and clearing resistance to exercise and going to the gym.

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Now, let me be clear, part of loving yourself means not “forcing” yourself to do exercise that you hate. At least in my book. One of the things I did early in my own personal development journey was to cancel my gym membership. Why? Because it was absolutely dreary exercising on treadmills in a stale basement. And when I was honest with myself, I had no passion for it whatsoever.

Since then, most of my exercise has been activities I actually enjoy. These have included skiing, mountain biking, hiking, yoga, walking the very steep hills of San Francisco, and … most recently … Pilates. If I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do it. Period.

So the purpose of these EFT tapping videos is not to “overcome” resistance that is actually probably good resistance (i.e., resistance that is telling you that working out in a stale gym is NOT feeding your soul). As always, the purpose of my EFT tapping videos is to clear out inner conflicts and confusion so you can decide what you actually WANT to do. The essence of self-love is to do what you love and what serves your life purpose, rather than what you think you “should” do because a bunch of people who are still plugged into the Matrix told you so.

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So once again, I am releasing two EFT tapping videos at once to make sure you get more than your money’s worth from your Gold membership. For those who join the membership today, you will receive access to these videos on Day 36 of your membership.

The topics for these two EFT tapping videos are:

1. Loving Yourself More (Self-Love)

2. Clearing Resistance to Exercise or Going to the Gym


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