Releasing Pressure and Paranoia with Erika Awakening

Releasing Pressure and Paranoia with Advanced EFT Tapping Therapy from Erika Awakening

Hi, and welcome back to our returning Gold Club members. If you are not yet a member of our powerful EFT tapping with Erika Awakening video club, click here to join. Today’s two EFT tapping videos from Erika Awakening will help you with releasing yourself from the awful and sometimes paralyzing grip of pressure and paranoia.

Release yourself from pressure and paranoia

Release yourself from pressure and paranoia

Pressure and paranoia can arise in many different situations, when we are in the grip of the ego consciousness. Do not be concerned as you tap along with Erika Awakening in these EFT tapping videos if YOUR experience is somewhat different from the words used in the videos. The great thing about these EFT tapping videos is that all of them are metaphorical. That means you can borrow benefits from any of the EFT tapping videos straight to your life by allowing your subconscious mind to draw parallels. The underlying core patterns of pressure and paranoia are universal, and the details and specifics are just window dressing. Focus on the core patterns underlying pressure and paranoia and you’ll get a great emotional release from these EFT tapping videos.

Pressure and paranoia are largely an inside job, so the more empowered we can become, the less pressure and paranoia we are going to feel. If you want to go deeper with these issues, get my 30-Day Personal Power Challenge HERE.

Today I am once again releasing two EFT tapping videos at once to make sure you get more than your money’s worth from your Gold membership. For those who join the membership today, you will receive access to these videos on Day 45 of your membership.

The topics for these two EFT tapping videos are:

1. Letting Go of Pressure

2. Releasing Paranoia


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