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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  If you haven’t checked in for a while, this would be a good time to take a peek at what we’ve been up to in the world of Erika Awakening‘s Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) over the past nine months …

We have been busy, unleashing the power within to create … and the result is an amazing collection of Virtual Video Bootcamps that will help you create your own reality in every area of your life.  There really is something for EVERYONE in this magnificent collection of tap-along video products.

The purpose of these products is to help you harness the power of your subconscious mind so that the widely-misunderstood Law of Attraction can really start working for you.

And based on the dozens of testimonials I’ve received in the past nine months, it is clear that these products are WORKING.  (You can read a few of the testimonials How to Attract Money and a few more here on the Personal Power Challenge page).

In these videos, we are using Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), which is a very advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) to reprogram your mind to create new and better outcomes in your life.  We are also tapping through the chakras, healing the chakras, balancing the chakras, and clearing the chakras.  You can read more about Holistic Belief Reprogramming here.

Here are just a few of the problems you can solve and benefits you can reap from these video programs:

1. To make more money.  We clear your root chakra and balance your root chakra with the other six chakras to attract a lot more abundance into your life.  We unload tons of family and cultural baggage, removing limiting beliefs at every turn.  And the result is that money, for many of us who have used this program, “just starts showing up.”  The first miracle arrived while I was still recording the program – my brand new car (read the story here).  Isn’t it time you get your money miracle?  For lots of examples of our customers getting money miracles, How to Attract Money.

2. To get rid of debt and prevent bankruptcy. Debt is really symbolic of subconscious guilt and anger and self-punishment.  When we clear those negative emotions at the level of your subconscious mind, watch the money miracles start showing up!!  For a powerful example of this, read the article here.

3. To grow your online business.  Get money miracles in your business now!  To hear Erika’s mind-blowing success story with using HBR to create a multiple six-figure income very quickly despite having no business experience or training, click here.

4. For better sex and creativity. Clear and heal your second chakra (the Sacral Chakra) to tap in to your true sexual power.  Let go of your family and cultural baggage, and then go a step further and clear out religious guilt and shame, fears of disease and pregnancy, ancestral karma, limiting beliefs that are stuck in your DNA, and a multitude of other issues that are not even touched upon by conventional EFT/tapping practitioners.  Learn how to attract men or attract women using your vibe by releasing unnecessary shame, guilt, and self-punishment regarding sex.   This product will also boost your creativity and vitality.  To read more about the 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge, click here.

5. For higher self-esteem, better boundaries, and more personal power. Erika’s 30-Day Personal Power Challenge is a ground-breaking product that has produced quantum leaps for pretty much every customer who has used it with commitment.  We clear and heal and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra (third chakra), as well as aligning and harmonizing the third chakra with the other six chakras.  We address the Power Shadow, clear dozens of fears of being powerful, align with God and the Universe, unload family and childhood baggage and cultural conditioning, and much much more …  Erika Awakening is particularly proud of this revolutionary product.  Prepare for your quantum leap because if you commit to this program, your quantum leap is coming.  Click here to learn more and get more Personal Power now.

6. For weight loss and fitness goals.   Did you know that many people don’t lose weight or stick with their diet or fitness routine because of subconscious anger, guilt, shame, and fear?  Extra weight is a kind of emotional protection, allowing people to “stuff” their feelings (literally).  So when we “unload” the emotional baggage, we often spontaneously lose weight.  Pretty sweet, huh?  EFT Tapping for Weight Loss (and see his amazing before and after pictures).

7. For opening your heart and attracting your soulmate.  We do lots of family healing and heart chakra opening in this program, as well as aligning with the “holy relationship” described in A Course in Miracles.  Learn more about the 30-Day Soulmate Challenge here.

8. For clearing your chakras, healing your chakras, and balancing your chakras.  All seven chakras are addressed in many of Erika’s products and programs (for more details, read the product descriptions by going to the Store here.)

9. For ending co-dependency and balancing and healing your masculine and feminine energies, and healing the masculine and feminine pain-body.  We live in a co-dependent society where people are trained from birth to give their power away to parents, teachers, employers, and romantic partners.  These patterns lead to dysfunctional relationships and a lot of unnecessary unhappiness.  Free yourself from co-dependency NOW – See Erika’s mini-products here.

10. For becoming a more powerful and expressive communicator.   It’s time to clear your throat chakra, remove all that self-censoring you’ve been doing, and speak your truth even if your voice shakes (although it will stop shaking after you release all that fear in this program).  You will find it easier to engage in assertive communication and effective communication after completing this program.  You may also notice your telepathic communication improves.  If you want to be a more effective communicator, you will want to check out the 30-Day Powerful Communication Challenge here.

11. For expanding your wealth consciousness and making your abundance and success easy and effortless. Many people have such a bad scarcity mindset that they don’t even dare to set their sights high enough to make over seven figure income.  If that sounds like you, be sure to get the Tap for $1 Million product here.

12. For radically improving your intuition, including telepathic and psychic abilities. Being in touch with your intuition will make your life easier in every area.  As A Course in Miracles teaches, God speaks to us all through the day, and what we need to do is LISTEN.  Get rigorous intuition today.   We focus on clearing and healing the Third Eye Chakra.  Erika is well-known for her uncannily accurate intuition, and you can learn these same skills by signing up for personal coaching with Erika and/or by completing the 30-Day Powerful Intuition Challenge here.

13. For getting rid of social anxiety, improving social success, and attracting women or attracting men.  Read the testimonials for Erika’s 15-Week Miracle coaching program here.

14.  Oh, and did we mention Eternal Youth?  Lol.  Well, that product (based very deeply in teachings from A Course in Miracles is not finished yet, released unofficially to only a few people (who LOVE it), and is only available now to the brave and adventurous.  But yes, Eternal Youth is on the menu soon, because aging is just a limiting belief.  And so is death.  Read some feedback on that product-in-progress from one of my clients and customers here.

Have we blown your mind yet?  Don’t worry.  Get the products.  Be willing to have your mind blown … ;)


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p.s.  Get the first 3 days of How to Attract Money at zero cost by clicking on the link below (just remember these are beginner-level videos and do not reveal the full power of Holistic Belief Reprogramming.  To discover the true power of this miracle coaching method, you need to invest and commit in the extended programs. (first 3 videos at zero cost)

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