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Erika Awakening presents …

Congratulations!! We are about to teach you how to solve your money problems …

In a revolutionary way that is surprisingly easy and simple …

We are going to CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS ABOUT MONEY. And we are going to use advanced EFT tapping to do it. This is EFT financial abundance at its best.

It came to my attention that a lot of people recently have been “How to Attract Money,” which is wonderful … except after setting the initial intention, they were looking for guidance about what to do next. That’s where this offer comes in :)

We are setting an intention in the 30-Day Abundance Challenge to manifest an extra $50,000 in 30 days (you can adjust this intention to fit your needs — usually it’s best to pick an intention that is a stretch from your normal reality but not so far outside your normal reality that it’s totally overwhelming).

how to attract money

And we’re not going to stop at just setting the intention. To get spectacular results with tapping, it’s really important to be committed to daily tapping. Yep, daily.

Thus came the idea for the 30-Day Abundance Challenge. If we can get you to tap consistently for 30 days, you will have a new HABIT :)

And this new habit is going to change your life, in all the best ways!!!

Now, I understand some people have a little bit of hesitation when it comes to trying something new, so I’m going to give you the first three days of the Abundance Challenge as a gift.

These will not be “fluff” videos, we are going to get right to the tapping so we can get you results.

And after your three days at no cost, it is my hope you will make the FULL COMMITMENT to the full 30-Day Abundance Challenge. Because the BIG miracles from this program come from committed tapping, ideally several videos every day, consistently.

Our video topics include:

1. Not believing it’s possible to manifest an extra $50,000 in 30 days
2. Believing that it’s not possible in “this horrible economy”
3. Feeling guilt about receiving more than others AND
4. That super-pesky belief that you “can’t afford” to invest what is necessary to take things to the next level in your financial life …

Wouldn’t it feel AMAZING to set yourself free from these oppressive limiting beliefs??

Of course it would!!

We will be releasing these limiting beliefs — and MANY more — from your subconscious mind FOREVER … when you commit fully to the process.

Now, if I were in your shoes, the question at the forefront of my mind would be:

“But does this really work?”

That’s why I have already released the product to my relatively small test audience. The 30-Day Challenge worked for me — I manifested a brand new car by a series of amazing “coincidences” and after that my business income was catapulted into the stratosphere.

But what really matters is WILL IT WORK FOR YOU?

That’s why you’ll be glad to hear that this powerful 30-Day Program is working AMAZINGLY well for our test audience. Miracles are being reported left and right. Not just little miracles. BIG miracles. As of the writing of this paragraph, it has not yet been even 30 days yet … and here are some of the miracles we have already seen:

“I am getting a £600 tax rebate!”

“To be honest I only tapped on an extra £2000 this month during the 30 day challenge. I came home this evening and opened a letter from the Inland Revenue and I am getting a £600 tax rebate. VICTORY! :-D”

– Matthew from the United Kingdom

“$55,887 is the final tally!!!!”

“Miracle Update!!!! $55,887 is the final tally!!!! I was going to have to pay over 65K in taxes and my miracle is this is the amount saved so far and will be even more once my 09 return is amended!!! And the month isn’t over yet!! Whooooohooooo”

– Dianne from the United States

“I have made significant progress in my fitness goals!”

“I normally don’t like sharing anything personally positive as it feels like boasting. But I had a reframe from the parking example I had heard through day 17 [of the Abundance Challenge] this morning. In a nutshell it means if you see someone getting something you would have liked then be happy because whatever you desire is on its way. So I think the same would apply in sharing one’s success, as it means success is on the way for those who hear as well. (I have this huge fear of making other people jealous or putting myself in the spotlight). I started the 30 day abundance challenge with actually no intention on money, but fitness as Erika said you could apply it to whatever you want. I had plateaued for about a year and half in my fitness goals. I have made significant progress in my fitness goals in the last week and my willpower/mindset is right where it needs to be. The emotions that were blocking me have been brought to the surface appear to be dissolving. I lost 5 lbs last week alone. But the cool thing is finances seem to have improved too. It seems like I now have multiple choices in how I want to live. If I play my cards right, I could probably shoot for something like 12 grand a month realistically speaking or travel internationally making 8 to 10 grand a month. I think some time in Q1 or Q2 of next year I will collaborate with my previous business partner to create some sort of software that will generate some good income. All the people who could help me achieve this have been put in my life. That miracle is what I wanted to share. Thanks.”

– Anil from the United States

(This is a photo that Anil posted on Facebook demonstrating his progress since beginning the 30-Day Abundance Challenge — this program can be used on any area of your life in which you are struggling with resistance or self-sabotage, by no means is it limited to money!! My system is “holistic” because it can be applied to solve ANY problem.)

“I did accept the job and it is a $68,000 package. ”

“Day 14 and I just finished tapping Video # 24 as I am on my way to a [class on the Laws of Manifestation]. Last night I got a call about a $50,000 job that I should hear about by Friday. (LOL) They have one more person to interview on Wednesday. They are very interested in me.

Two more videos and I will have tapped them all and it will be back to tapping them all over again. Multiple videos per day really feels great! Tapping has led me to a number of books that really feel in alignment with the abundance work as well.”

Later: “I did accept the job and it is a $68,000 package.”

– D.A. from the United States

“I got two new clients this past week!”

“Hi everyone. Do you remember my story of losing my voice while tapping [early in the 30-Day Challenge]? Now I am completely recovered and I feel I stepped on a new level…I got two new clients this past week and the most interesting part is that one of my clients that I have been working with on her money beliefs sent me this email the other day “During my Prosperity Game (Abraham-Hicks), I wrote you a cheque of $1000 yesterday and please accept it energetically! I am indeed lucky and grateful to have you as my coach.” Now that the energy has been activated I can’t wait to see how the Universe will deliver them to me. It is so interesting that I am not the only one activating that energy with tapping but even my clients support me in this work. Thank you, Erika.”

– D. from Canada

“Love what is happening in my personal life since joining the 30-day Abundance Challenge. ”

“Love what is happening in my personal life since joining the 30-day Abundance Challenge…….my throat chakra has opened up and I am easily able to speak my requests AND say ‘NO,’ thank you, without feeling guilty or intimidated. Case in point~ Male friend of mine coming to visit this weekend, wanted to ‘stop by’ for an early morning visit, aka SEX…In the past, I would have caved in and then felt shitty and unworthy or slutty and whorish. This time I Just said ‘No, I respectfully decline your request at this time.’ Right now its a NO, AND that could change!!! I felt so EMPOWERED!! and guess what? He said ‘Ok, I understand!!!’ Whooooooohooooooooo, talk about happiness, power and peace!!! U betcha!!!!”

– D. from the United States

“$140 CREDIT”

“‎yesterday I opened up my internet bill to find a $140 CREDIT. I knew I was going to get a credit but I did not expect it to be that much. more ‘hidden’ money :)”

– T. from the United States

“[My business partner] and I each made $1256.50 in three hours.”

“‎[My business partner] and I each made $1256.50 in three hours. Work has been so effortless since using Erika’s Holistic Belief Reprogramming system on myself. I have a Gold membership, bought her 30-Day Abundance Challenge, her 21-Day Magnify Your Business Magnetism Virtual Video Bootcamp. As well as I’ve had three one-on-one coaching sessions with her so far. Got three more sessions, then I’m dropping $20,000 on her 15-Week Miracle coaching program. I’m estimating here that I’ve made/saved around $18,000 to $20,000 since I started [working with Erika]. That doesn’t even include FINISHING the first version of my book. That alone is priceless to me.”

– Ratisse L’Homme Fatale, International Dating Coach from California, USA
(This is a photo of the actual cash that Ratisse made that day, with an extra $50 that he already had. He posted it on Facebook. Before the 30-Day Challenge, he and his business partner were making about $200-$400 each in the same time period.)

“30 day abundance challenge: Self-forgiveness leads to drop in debt by £7820.”

“‎30 day abundance challenge: Self-forgiveness leads to drop in debt by £7820 (about $11,730 US dollars).

I’m on about day 20. On earlier videos I real got that desperately trying to save money makes things far worse. I was too tight to invest properly in two businesses and as a result I just gathered more and more debt. Though I had a share portfolio which could have been used eliminate the debt I thought I could have more money keeping the money in the portfolio, but I didn’t realise how much the credit card debt was grinding me down even though I had a good deal on the interest rate.

Plus I had a debt to my parents because though they had been willing to pay off one credit card I convinced them to charge me interest because I was trying to teach myself financial prudence. So all my stress with debt was self-inflicted and I was dwelling on it over and over again.

I could see I had a real problem with giving and receiving. And I had reduce the amount of my ‘bandwidth’ I spent dwelling on my thoughts.

I’ve had a word with my parents and they’ve written off the debt and I’ll contribute more to household bills (which I wanted to do as feeling more grateful for the accommodations they provide). And I’ve written my share managers for the cash to clear the cards.

Feeling SO much better.”

– Imogen from the United Kingdom

“$51,000 inheritance”

“Tuesday morning I got a call notifying me of a $51,000 inheritance. This is pretty amazing considering that I’ve been tapping the 30 Day Abundance Challenge in which we’ve been tapping for ….. $50,000 ! I decided to quit my job and focus on my various businesses that I’ve been wanting to run for a while, but haven’t been able to dedicate my whole self to because of the job dragging me down. I’ve felt super empowered ever since.”

– Alexander Rose from Baltimore, United States

“I am now feeling so much lighter and freer in my spirit”

“Hi Erika, I just finished Day 15 of the 30 Day Abundance Challenge. I am so pleased to inform you that I have had more shifts since I started your program than I have had in the past 5 years. I have flown to personal development seminars, camps, had life coaches and millionaire mentors. I have studied many programs and applied many strategies, including meditation. Even though I have been benefited by participating in these endeavors, none have been the cause of so many major shifts as you and your HBR program. I have had clarity about many obstacles and because of you I am now feeling so much lighter and freer in my spirit. Every day I am so excited to do my video with you. …

“Thank you for your beautiful peaceful spirit, your honesty and your uncontrived tapping leadership. I am so looking forward to meeting you, coaching with you and growing with you. You have already affected my life for the better, in a drastic way, at a really challenging time for me. Bless you and Thank You!!”

– Elaine from Missouri, United States

Erika Note: I’m pleased to report that Elaine signed up for my 15-Week Miracle coaching program soon after sending me this letter, and that the day before our program together began, she told me that she had already manifested MORE THAN $20,000 in a totally surprising way, which paid for her entire coaching program with me before we even began :)

So … there you have it … small test audience has already produced multiple five-figure miracles, as high as $70,000+ …

For those of you who are ready to commit to the entire Abundance Challenge now, you get rewarded by having indefinite access to all 30 of the EFT tapping for money videos starting now.

How to Attract Money:

How to Attract Money

The product also includes some free BONUS videos, after you purchase the FULL 30-Day Abundance Challenge, you will receive those bonus videos.

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