Going Beyond the Body with EFT Tapping

Beyond the Body: Four EFT Tapping Videos for Releasing Our Identification with the Body Tough love alert! This article was not written to offend.  However, going beyond the body often requires us to question our most cherished beliefs and lifestyle … Continue reading

Overcoming Resistance to Change with EFT Tapping: Need to Get Motivated

I Need to Get Motivated – Overcoming Resistance to Change with EFT Tapping Therapy Videos Overcoming resistance to change and transformation is the hot topic right now in our Gold membership group for advanced EFT tappers. We had so many … Continue reading

Mini-Abundance Challenge: EFT Financial Abundance for Money Worries

Four EFT Tapping Videos to Release Money Worries and Learn How to Attract More Money Now Today we have another exciting new release for our loyal Gold members … a four-video mini-Abundance Challenge to help you tap for cash and … Continue reading