Overcoming Social Pressure to Conform with EFT Tapping

Resisting the Social Pressure to Conform with EFT Tapping

social pressure to conform

Learning how to resist the social pressure to conform is an essential aspect of healing and living life on your own terms

Continuing on our theme of making friends with the Shadow Self … today we are going to address a topic frequently encountered by those who are serious about transformation and healing: social pressure to conform. If you really make a commitment to Holistic Belief Reprogramming … surprise, surprise … YOU WILL CHANGE. This is not yet another method that doesn’t work.

And guess what is likely to happen as you change yourself? Yes, you will be making those around you – the people who are refusing to change – very, very uncomfortable.

Deep down, they want change too. Who would not want change in this sad world of death, sickness, and decay? Yet they were not willing to do what it takes to get that change. They are not willing to invest the time, money, and energy to learn the skills to get real change.

So your change triggers their ego to “freak out.” And guess what they do to you? Impose social pressure. Hoping you’ll go back to the “nice” and “comfortable” way you used to be …

What are some examples of social pressure to conform? In some cases, this social pressure to conform will be very intense, and may include censorship and blacklisting.

What are you going to do – go backwards to keep these people happy? Hopefully not … hopefully you have seen enough benefits now of committing to this method that you only want to move forward.

So today’s EFT tapping videos are to help you release the intense negative emotions that can arise when you are subjected to social pressure to conform.

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Meanwhile, these EIGHT advanced EFT tapping videos will help us release the dark emotions that tend to get triggered when we are subjected to that dreaded social pressure to conform. The topics we will be covering range from the isolation of transformation, to being blacklisted and censored, and maybe my favorite video – embrace your inner Rosa Parks!

All eight of these advanced EFT tapping videos will help you release the intense emotions that often arise from speaking the truth and changing your life … The next time someone pressures you to “conform or else” to conventional thinking that doesn’t make any sense … come here and tap these again …. Let me know what you think.

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