Your Shadow Self Bonus Videos Are Ready

Shadow Self Bonus Videos for Healing Addictions and Beginning to Free Yourself from the Body

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Part of healing the Shadow Self is addressing our addiction to pleasure and pain

Phew boy, I am almost at a loss for words to describe the profound shifts that have happened while recording this 30-Day Heal Your Shadow Self Challenge. Probably the biggest development is that I have manifested a whole new community of vegans. And get this, most of them have become vegan in the past six months to one year … so that means those earlier EFT videos I recorded about “nobody gets it” have had a profound impact out there in the world.

What I love about this new community of vegans is that they are just as outspoken about the unvarnished truth as I am … and on that note, if you are celebrating Thanksgiving, I sure hope there are no murdered animals on your table …

Today I am releasing the rest of the 15 bonus videos that I promised as bonuses for the 30-Day Heal Your Shadow Self Challenge … It was toward the end of these EFT tapping videos that I began to feel a massive shift … especially around the issue of my ex that had bothered me for so long. My ex suddenly began to seem not important anymore. After all, in his current incarnation, he is the epitome of ego consciousness. Carnal appetites and no real moral values. He is an idolater who stuffs his face with tortured, murdered sentient beings and teaches others it’s okay to do the same. He purchases leather and thereby promotes animal cruelty and death. So there is absolutely no value in me continuing to pay attention to him. I was finally able to turn it over to God :D That is a huge breakthrough.

I also began to realize that I am being guided in very profound ways about diet. I have been experimenting with food and cutting all grains and sugar out of my diet. Dairy, eggs, and meat are long gone.

So I hope you love these bonus videos, and we have not even gotten to the main 30-Day Shadow Self Challenge yet …

Yes, I want to get the 30-Day Shadow Self Challenge on pre-sale.

Bonus Video #3 – More on Blood Sugar

Bonus Video #4 – More on Blood Sugar and Money

Bonus Video #5 – More on Balance

Bonus Video #6 – Still Feeling Out of Balance

Bonus Video #7 – Freaked Out and Excited

Bonus Video #8 – More About Balance

Bonus Video #9 – Not Sure What to Tap Next

Bonus Video #10 – Having “Sweet Breath”

Bonus Video #11 – No Makeup

Bonus Video #12 – Skin and Food Issues Healing

Bonus Video #13 – Clearing Anger

Bonus Video #14 – Strange Sources of Intuitive Guidance

The price on this Challenge will be going up on December 1. So get it on pre-sale NOW.

Yes, I want to get the 30-Day Shadow Self Challenge on pre-sale.


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