Bonus Shadow Self Videos for Sugar Addiction

Bonus Shadow Self Videos for Sugar Addiction

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Part of healing the Shadow Self is addressing our addiction to pleasure and pain

It’s interesting, I feel a lot of resistance even as I write this blog post. I am feeling excited to share with you the first two “bonus” EFT tapping videos for our upcoming 30-Day Shadow Self Challenge. At the same time, boy are we in the heart of dismantling ego consciousness right now. So it’s not surprising if a lot of resistance starts showing up … There may also be a timing issue here. I have been feeling something in the air for months now, something big, something I cannot quite put my finger on to express to you.

Anyway, these two EFT tapping videos will be “bonus” videos for the 30-Day Shadow Self Challenge (get it on pre-sale here before the price goes up) … and these two in particular will also be FREE bonus videos for our Gold members.

I would love your feedback on these EFT tapping videos. You can apply these videos to a wide range of issues because what we are addressing is sugar addiction, blood sugar imbalance issues, and this can be applied to literally ANY addiction to pain, pleasure, or anything physical or external.

As Holistic Belief Reprogramming becomes more and more advanced, we are more and more getting off the hamster wheel. And what keeps people more on the hamster wheel than food? As long as we have to keep consuming, we will have to keep running on that wheel. There will be no rest for the weary. Same goes for money. So feel free to apply these videos to a money addiction as well. After all, do we know ANYONE who has freed themselves from the need for money or some other form of barter and exchange?

This is why sugar addiction is such a powerful metaphor for everything else. We are addicted to social approval, so we gotta get our fix. We are addicted to sex, so we gotta get our fix. Never mind the consequences for ourselves and others, we gotta get our fix. You can apply sugar addiction and sugar imbalance metaphor to just about ANYTHING.

So please give these TWO bonus videos a whirl, let me know what you think … and be sure to get the upcoming 30-Day Shadow Self Challenge on pre-sale BEFORE the price goes up …

Yes, I want to get the 30-Day Shadow Self Challenge on pre-sale.


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