Doing An Emotional Cleanse with Advanced EFT Tapping

Emotional Cleanse with EFT Tapping

emotional cleanse eft tapping

Part of healing the Shadow Self is emotional cleansing with EFT tapping

As we enter into the darkest months of the year (at least in the Northern hemisphere) … this is the perfect time to make friends with our Shadow Self. In our recent Gold membership videos, we have been doing just that. We already began the emotional cleanse process with Facing the Shadow Self with EFT Tapping. And I received a lot of feedback from our Gold members that those EFT tapping videos were helpful.

Halloween has just passed, a time when many people flirt with their dark side. And now come the months of very short days and very long nights. Cold weather and possibly uncomfortable extended family gatherings. The holiday season can be a time of rampant consumerism when not much healing occurs … or it can be a very rich time to go within and heal the darker parts of ourselves. This can be a fantastic time for an emotional cleanse. (Some may also want to accompany this with a physical cleanse.)

In celebration of this season of darkness, I am also in the process of creating a 30-Day Heal Your Shadow Self Challenge. This will be a fantastic emotional cleanse for those who want to go deeper, own the shadow parts of themselves, and reclaim their power. For a limited time, you can get the pre-sale price on the 30-Day Shadow Cleansing Challenge here. I have a really good feeling about this 30-Day Challenge so be sure to get it before the price goes up … :)

Today I picked out SIX advanced EFT tapping videos that allow us to do an emotional cleanse of our darker emotions. The topics we will be covering are:

1. Clearing Overwhelm

2. Feeling Irritable

3. Addressing Resignation and Lost Faith

4. Releasing Anger

5. Letting Go of Frustration and Fear

6. Clearing Grief and Defensiveness

All six of these advanced EFT tapping videos will help you do a broad emotional cleanse of frustration, fear, anger, grief, resentment, resignation, and much more …. Let me know what you think.

These six awesome EFT tapping videos are for our Gold members here at We would love for you to join us today – click the GOLD button below to get started :)


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