Going Beyond the Body with EFT Tapping

Beyond the Body: Four EFT Tapping Videos for Releasing Our Identification with the Body

beyond the body EFT tapping

Going beyond the body with EFT tapping

Tough love alert! This article was not written to offend.  However, going beyond the body often requires us to question our most cherished beliefs and lifestyle practices.  You were warned ;)

For most of us, when we first discovered EFT tapping, we were most interested in pursuing ego goals. Ego goals can be defined as anything that serves our perceived “self-interest” without really serving the rest of the planet. A good example would be a guy (usually a guy) who wants to manifest a Ferrari. If you ask him more than a few questions, you’ll probably discover that he wants to manifest this Ferrari for all the wrong reasons. :D

The more advanced we get with EFT tapping, the more some of our other goals begin to be revealed as ego goals. Although it is controversial, I would put the following goals in the ego goal category:

1. Making money for the sake of money (as opposed to manifesting money to fulfill our purpose). Money itself is neutral. What matters is the goals for which we are using money.

2. Having children. This goal depends on the belief that we are bodies and that we reproduce through the body. I found it very interesting that as I tapped on the nagging drive to have children, that urge disappeared. This is not meant in any way to offend people who already have children. God will turn everything toward the good. However, it is always beneficial to question our beliefs about this area of life. Many people are using children for “old age insurance” or having children just because “everyone else is doing it.” Or are looking to fill a hole in their emotional life. Under our healing method, none of those are good reasons to do anything!

3. Finding a “special” relationship. Again, not intended to offend anyone. The belief in “special” love is the cornerstone of ego consciousness. What we want to do here is expand our definition of love more and more to include everyone, even animals and plants. And see nobody as “special.”

4.  Using the bodies of other people and animals for gratification.  The more I tapped, the more the prospect of eating meat horrified me.  “Do unto others” … how could I keep eating meat and be in integrity with my values?  So I stopped.

5.  Seeking social approval, popularity, wanting to “fit in,” playing a “role,” are all forms of body identification.  After all, if we are not identified with our body, why would we care about other people’s opinions?  So long as we are living in accordance with our deepest values, what others think is more a distraction than anything else.  Why would we play a role, with this body as our “costume,” once we have realized we are All that Is?

6. More broadly, valuing the body for what it can get us. The more I tap, the harder I find it to be concerned about my physical appearance. Health, vitality, the absence of sickness continue to be very important to me. Where I find difficulty is following social conventions like wearing a brassiere or makeup or uncomfortable shoes or caring about jewelry and other cumbersome accessories. All of these conventions are feeling more and more incongruent. Paradoxically, of course, I currently have the most beautiful body I’ve ever had … go figure ;)

These are the paradoxes of salvation.

As we heal ourselves, it becomes harder and harder to care about superficial things that don’t matter. All the trappings that used to seem really important to me, such as social approval, website traffic, popularity, being “sexy,” and so forth … I simply do not find any motivation to pursue those things anymore. I believe in simplicity, health, abundance, integrity, and other core values. More and more, I find my body “doing nothing.” After all, God is capable of doing everything for us. When we attempt to reach goals through the body, much of the time we are just interfering …

When that moment of God’s redemption comes to us, He will accomplish more for us in an instant than we could have achieved in centuries of “hard work” through the body. So our job in my view is simply to clear out as much interference as we can, and let Him do the rest …

Today I picked out FOUR advanced EFT tapping videos that focus on going beyond the body. The topics we will be covering are:

1. The Body and Broken Promises

2. Sex and Specialness

3. Going Beyond the Body

4. Intimacy and Bodies

All four of these advanced EFT tapping videos will help you question and release beliefs that are keeping identification with the body in place. Let me know what you think.

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